Community partnerships are a cornerstone of my research process.

Throughout my career, I have partnered with community organizations, both locally and internationally, to conduct field research and participate in knowledge production and exchange. Most recently, in 2018 I spearheaded a participatory research and rural extension project that has now been awarded $85,000 over three years by the Conservation, Food and Health Foundation. This grant directly benefits my research partner, the Brazilian nonprofit CEPAGRO, employs two female Brazilian agronomists, and provides technical support to farmers in the Rede Ecovida network and local indigenous communities.

Similarly, for my undergraduate thesis fieldwork in 2014 I partnered with the sustainable development non-profit EcoLogic Development Fund, whose mission is to empower local communities to conserve tropical rainforests in Central America. This research partnership led to my subsequent employment at EcoLogic, where I redesigned the agroforestry program through a participatory process involving interviews and workshops with field technicians from Guatemala, Mexico, and Honduras to ensure EcoLogic’s approach was in line with community conservation priorities.

Complementing our scientific publications, my community partners and I have published educational materials for Brazilian farmers.

See several of our publications below:

Cover cropping guide for Brazilian farmers

Research results summary for Brazilian farmers

WEBINAR: Práticas agroecológicas para um solo saudável
(Agroecological practices for a healthy soil)

Cover crops and agroecology video series (2021):

Adubação Verde e Agroecologia #1

Adubação Verde e Agroecologia #2

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